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Functional Materials

Weak Adhesive Film

Products * KTF series (TOKYO FILM SERVICE)
* PE Film
* PP Film
Applications * For use in masking, die cutting, FPC board manufacturing, etc.


Products * PET Separators
* OPP Separators
Applications * For use in manufacturing electric and electronic devices (ex. Carrier and dicing films), packing material, electric insulation, masking, etc.

Electromagnetic Wave Shielding Material

Products * Conductive tape
* Aluminum, Steel, Copper, and other metal foils
Applications * As a shield for connector cables, as a shield for switching transmitters, for splicing parts, as a ground for releasing static electricity, as a shield for housing, etc.

Adhesive Film

Products * Double-sided tape
Applications * In electric insulation, general industry, etc.

Silicon Film

Products * Silicon Gum Film (Keiju - Mitsubishi Plastics Corporation)
Applications * As a buffer for LCD panels, as a heat releasing spacer for heater elements, in water proof packing material, etc.

Light Diffusion Film

Products * Light Up (Kimoto Co. Ltd.)
* Light Diffusion Film (Kimoto Co. Ltd.)

Light Reflective Film

Products * REF-WHITE (Kimoto Co. Ltd.)
* Luiremirror (Reiko Co. Ltd.)

Light Shielding Film

Products * Carbon Feather (Kimoto Co. Ltd.)
* Soma Black(Somar )

Liquid Crystal-related

Products * AR Coat Film
* Hard Coat Film

Other, Insulation Material

Products * Fluorine Film
* PC/ABS/POM/Acrylic Board Material

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Promotion Movie

Our Sagamihara factory is located near Route 16 in Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken. You are welcome to tour the inner workings of parts of the factory, including the slitter machine, other processing equipment, and the storage facility. For more details, please contact our representatives.

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