Tokyo Film Service will take care of slitting, laminating, and sheet cutting in clean rooms.


Factory Tour

In order to respond to the needs of our customers, we have created a factory that allows smaller lot sizes and quicker turnaround, emphasizes cleanliness, and delivers quality products.

(Slitting, Sheeting, PET protection, PE protective film application, Lamination)

Sagamihara factory(exterior)

The first floor

Clean room entrance air shower booth

Clean room interior (Class 1000)



A variety of slitters

Rotary cutter

Packaging booth (class 10000)

Shipment discharge conveyor

Industrial complex full view(aerial photo)

The second floor

Air shower




Micro slitter

A variety of slitters

Packaging desk

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Promotion Movie

Our Sagamihara factory is located near Route 16 in Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa-ken. You are welcome to tour the inner workings of parts of the factory, including the slitter machine, other processing equipment, and the storage facility. For more details, please contact our representatives.

We handle a wide range of products including Lumirror and other Polyester PET, PC, Separators, Weak Adhesive Film, Protective Films, Kapton and other Polyimides, Torelina, Teonex, Hard Coat Film, AR, AG, optic, various tapes, and Aramid paper.

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Tokyo Film Service Co., Ltd. is ISO 9001 certified.